Sunday Funday!

Rise and shine! Woke up to a funny phone call from Steve’s mom, thinking we bought our plane tickets home to NY for last week not this one. Could you imagine?! Haha No worries, though, tickets are good to go.

Now I lay in bed with an even bigger dilemma. What do I eat for breakfast?! Chocolate protein pancakes or high protein oatmeal and blueberry pancakes. Leaning towards blueberry… Obviously they’re delicious but did you also know?

    Blueberries are a great superfruit
    Rich in Vitamins K & C, which help aid in the absorption of iron and improve your immune system.
    High in fiber: good for digestion.
    Blueberries are rich in Manganese, which helps in bone development as well as in metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates.
    Antioxidants in blueberries help counteract cancer causing free radicals in the body, as well as Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular diseases.
    Did you know that during the metabolic process, everyday our body releases these free radicals responsible for causing these diseases? Yikes!

Well, I suppose after all that I’d be silly to not have blueberries in my pancakes. Chocolate will have to wait! Oh and the most exciting part of my Sunday?!

FROZEN YOGURT fro-yo Call it what you want, it’s my cheat meal! Yes, it’s a meal in and of itself. And the highlight of my week.

But before I indulge, you better believe I’ll be hitting up the gym first. On Sundays I like to do a full body workout and lightly hit each muscle group I worked in the beginning of the week. Don’t get confused when I say “lightly”. By that, I mean one set of each exercise, not three. Plus stairmaster and Jacobs Ladder for cardio. But we’ll get back to that later today.

Off to cook a high carb breakfast to keep me going during my gym session.
Click the photo below for the full recipe

Blueberry Oatmeal Pancakes


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