Mondays are so cliché


Why is it Mondays have such a bad reputation? Manic Monday and all that jazz. If Monday wasn’t such a blah day would Fridays feel so rewarding? I, on the other hand, am pretty stoked today is Monday. One day closer to going on vacation.

Steve’s mom is having a black tie birthday party in a castle. And I have a fabulous dress to wear. I think that’s something to be excited about… even if I do have to go work an 8 hour day. Part of picking and choosing our battles, I suppose.

Someone told me yesterday that I was missing my essential happiness.
What does that even mean?! I think, if anything, I haven’t been this happy in a very long time, if ever. Life is good. Better than good. Because of my determination, my life is headed in the direction I dictate. I’m happy, healthy and so is my family. My relationship has never been stronger and people are looking to me for inspiration and motivation. Who would’ve thought?!

Oddly enough, I wasn’t upset by it. Taken aback- yes. But I didn’t let it bring me down. Use things like this as a learning experience. If I learned anything, it’d be to not allow people like this in your life. Don’t let anyone try to bring you down. Maybe it’s their “essential happiness” that is missing.

Now, go on and make Monday your bitch! And check back tonight for an awesomely delicious dinner recipe.

Love the life you live.


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