Persistence and Patience Are The Keys to Success

As with anything in life, patience and persistence go a long way. From an early age we experience frustration and the desire to give up; learning how to walk, talk, don’t touch the hot stove, lessons learned in school… the list goes on and on.

Throughout my fitness journey I’ve experienced so many set backs. Weight gain, slow results, vacations, etc.

Last July, I think I was at my all time heaviest: 148lbs. Something I’m definitely not proud of. I was dieting on and off, not working out consistently and probably full of excuses as to why I could not lose more than 5 pounds and keep it off.

I made it my mission after a July trip home to Vermont to cut the bullshit and finally get down to business! Since then, I have transformed my body and my spirit. Sounds cheesy but it’s true. When you look better, you feel better; self confidence, right?

Since August, I’ve fallen “off the wagon”, indulged more than I should have and lacked motivation at times. Two weeks ago, one weekend I was maybe a little too confident, ate to my hearts content and then stepped on the scale Monday morning. What?! From 122 to 128 in three days!! Eek!! Water weight, yes. But a huge slap in the face none-the-less. Plus, I have an insanely sleek, sexy open back dress to wear on the 15th of June.

The point is, I didn’t get discouraged. We all slip up and it’s okay to indulge and take a break…. just not for too long. I got right back down to business and set a goal for myself. To lean out and get down to 120 by the time I left for New York, which is tomorrow. Did I think it would really happen? No. But it gave me a goal and a challenge I would happily accept.

A little disclaimer:
I say 120 because it gave me an actual goal. But I always go by how I feel and look. By no means do I want to look “skinny“. I love muscle and I want definition. In order to achieve those, you need a minimal amount of body fat. I don’t starve myself. I don’t deprive myself of things my body needs. I feed my body what it needs, when it needs it. I eat 6, sometimes 7, times a day. Even if I don’t feel like eating, I eat! On the weekend, I allow myself a cheat meal. It’s that simple.

So, I leave for New York tomorrow. Are you curious about whether I met my goal? You’re darn right I did! A few minor tweaks to my diet and training plan was all it took. I kept my calories the same- no crash dieting. I didn’t lose muscle and my abs are out to play!
“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”


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