Making up for lost time!

So, today has been quite the productive day. Beginning with a lovely trip to the dentist for my cleaning. Yay! for clean teeth. :)

I immediately made my way to the gym to get in a solid workout. Excited would be an understatement. 1- I haven’t been to the gym since last Tuesday and 2- I get to go at 12 o’clock and not during peak hours. Double win!

Here, you can find my mash-up guide of today’s workout.
Tuesday Mash-up: Shoulders, Back, Abs and Plyo!

After the gym, I high-tailed it home, after a quick, unplanned stop at the grocery store (sweaty- yes). It’s meal prep time! Typically, I’d do this on a Sunday or Monday but well, you just can’t prep when you aren’t home. Although, it’d be nice to have a stocked fridge waiting for me. ;) Today, I made a clean eating Chicken Taco Salad for post-workout snacks and a few lunches to get me through work until Friday.

After a couple of hours of prep, we now have poached chicken, brown rice and protein snacks!

Go ahead and click the photo below for the recipe.
Chicken Taco Salad


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