eat clean • train dirty?

As far as food goes, everyone has something that is their guilty pleasure.If it tastes good and is edible, I’ll eat it! Food is my passion. It’s also my weakness.

I’ve learned over time that eating healthy can not only be delicious but should be a way of life.  Certain people call healthier, whole foods “clean” eating; processed foods being taboo and off limits.  Personally, I enjoy all foods more so if it’s deep fried and covered in Nutella. But do I eat like that every day? Of course not. 
That’s not to say I don’t allow myself a “cheat meal” (a phrase I typically don’t like to use) when I’m in a caloric deficit for extended periods aka on a diet. Balance is the key for a happy, healthy self; not only physically but mentally.

Throughout the course of this blog, I’ll teach you how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, show you delicious, easy to cook recipes and a whole lot of goodness to bake!

For those who eat for a specific goal and choose to use food as a fuel source, I’ll also get into the science of eating and how to eat to your advantage.


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