all things in moderation

indulge?! yep! Like I said before, it’s okay to treat yourself once in a while. It’s almost necessary, for a couple reasons:

Sanity Constantly depriving ourselves from things we want is mentally trying. I typically allow myself one cheat meal a week and always on leg day. This is because leg day is or should be the hardest, most intense workout of the week and your body will benefit from the additional calories and fats. With that being said….

Metabolism Consider your cheat meal a metabolism booster. If you’re dieting, caloric deprivation can be damaging to your metabolism over time. Throwing this wrench in the mix will give it the jump start it needs and pick it back up.

Everyone has their opinions on cheat meals. Some claim you really don’t need them. Some won’t even have them if they’re prepping for something specific. Others eat Pop Tarts for post workout meals. To each his own, I say.

Just remember, a cheat meal is just that… a meal!
Don’t undo all your hard work and over indulge. If you do fall off track, it’s okay. Pick yourself up and get back on board.

And be sure to keep following for my once a week cheat treats!


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