Leg Day Demolition

Grab yourself a treadmill and hit Quick Start. Raise the incline to 15 and set the speed at 1.5-2 mph, depending on your level of comfort.

Standing sideways, begin to walk and squat wide- toes pointing out when you squat. Come back up, crossing the bottom foot over the top and allowing the movement of the treadmill to return your feet to starting position. Repeat, switching directions every 2 minutes to work the opposite side. Also, try mixing in some walking lunges!

Here’s an action shot for visual guidance:
20130608-165012.jpgThe goal of this exercise is to engage your inner thighs and glutes, so squat low!

I did this for 20 minutes, then followed up with some high intensity elliptical cardio for 25 minutes; burning a total of 369 calories.
Now, we put those legs to work!

Each exercise, I did 4 sets of varying reps.
For example: (10-8-8-6) is a full set.

I began on the Lying Press Machine. This is a great workout to really isolate the quads and make them burn! Stack on the plates and start pressing! Today I achieved a personal best: 315 lbs. (12-10-8-6) This was with my feet shoulder width apart and toes straight forward. I followed up with a set of less weight and feet spaced further apart, with toes pointed out. (20-15-12-10)

Next: Hack Squats (12-12-10-8). I’ll have to get a picture of the gem next time. Another great machine to utilize to really work those quads. Or do some awesome ass to grass to switch things up!

Straight Leg Dead Lifts
Let me start by saying, sometimes less is more. I’ve seen so many people injure their backs by improperly doing these. Yes, everyone should incorporate some type of dead lift but form is everything! Less weight and correct form will achieve far better results than attempting heavier weight with poor form. The key is to keep your legs straight but not locked, shoulders back, keeping your back flat with a slight arch in the lower back (NOT A HUMP!) and bending at the waist.

The bar should remain as close to your legs as possible- to the point where it might graze your shins. Start with the bar on the floor, lifting until your standing straight up, if not with a slight lean back. Putting your weight on your heels will help engage your glutes more.

After each set, I superset it with One Legged Dead Lifts (body weight only) doing 20 each time; alternating legs after each set. The technique with these is a bit different and really burns!

Here, you’ll notice I’m standing on a step to allow for more extension. Today I used lighter weight and slightly more reps. (15-15-12-12)


Squats (10-12-10-8)
Most people know how to do these! Just make sure you’re always using proper form, so you don’t injure your knees!

Glute Kick Back Machine Today I did 200lbs (15-15-12-12)


More Squats
You could consider these supersets, for lack of a better word! I did 4×20, very quickly with only 10 seconds rest in between each set.



Seated Hamstring Curls
(10-10-8-6) This machine is standard. I usually use the seated machines at the end of my workout because they’re easier and let’s face it: at this point you should be dripping sweat and exhausted.

Lastly, I finished up with a great core workout. Each exercise doing 3 sets of 20.
Cable Crunches 100lbs
Cable Torso Twists
60lbs (3×20 for each side.)
Leg Lifts with a 20 lb dumbbell between my feet.

Here is an example of cable crunches. Make sure to bring your booty to your feet and elbows to knees when pulling down and arch your lower back when coming up, this will really engage you lower abs. And remember: tighten that core when performing any ab movement.



Don’t worry! I’ll post another blog for this awesome core workout. You’ll have killer abs and obliques in no time, pending your eating habit.

Well, there you have it! My leg and ass burner routine! Now would be the time to have your highest calorie and carb loaded meal of the day, which will help in your recovery and replenishing the glycogen depleted in this intense workout.


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