love the life you live

Happiness is what you make it. So many times, we blame other people for our feelings or actions: “He/She made me mad.” “You really upset me.” What about depending on others to make you feel happy?

There will always be hard times in life with the people you’re in relationship with. Any relationship takes work. They aren’t easy but remember, you aren’t responsible for other people’s actions. As they aren’t for yours.

Love the life you live.
It’s a simple concept. Be happy by your own doing. Don’t allow others to bring you down or depend on them to pick you up.

Grab life by the reigns and make the best of the one you have. If it doesn’t make you happy, is it worth having in your life? Dwelling on the past won’t change things. Stop worrying about the future and just enjoy the moment you’re in. Don’t let your fears keep you from experiencing life.

After all, you’re the only person holding yourself back.


One thought on “love the life you live

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