Sexy Shoulders

I like to use dumbbells and barbells when working out versus machines for basically one reason. Machines limit your movement. When you are using free weights, you are using you stabilizer muscles as well as not having a machine assist you; carrying some of the weight. Below is one of my favorite shoulder workouts. Fairly quick but when done properly, the result is lean sexy, sculpted shoulders. I usually pair shoulders wth abs and most often one leg group to quickly work over.

Don’t go too light with the weights! Push yourself, that’s how you get results. If you can get through 8 reps and still aren’t feeling the burn, step up your weights! Perform each excercise 3 times, with minimal rest in between. 30 seconds max

Overhead Dumbbell Press

Shoulder Flys

Barbell Rows

Alternating Staight Arm Raises
Alternate arms, raising them to the front then side

(Tutorial pictures to be posted soon! Sorry.)




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